Plants for Rock Gardens

Hi folks! If you are planning to create a rock garden and want the information of plants to enhance the beauty of your garden. Then you are at the right place, and here we will discuss plants that grow on rocks and stones.

 Moreover, rocks can provide depth and work to define a sloppy area of your flat garden. People can think about how do plants grow in rocks. But with good planning, research, the best design of green and site evaluation can make it possible.

In addition, the low maintenance and extreme beauty of these plants will make an ordinary rock garden to extraordinary rock garden. Many plants for rock gardens can tolerate drought, rocky soil, and climate changes with fewer needs. However, your rugged land can change into a beautiful garden that covers with different flowers and grass. Check the list given below for different plants for the rock garden.


  • It is the best plant for your rocky garden. Lavender quickly grows in the entire hot atmosphere with dry fast-draining soil.
  • Lavender has a pure fragrance that always keeps your rocky garden up to the mark.
  • It also works as a Mediterranean plant, and you can cultivate and harvest it. 
  • You can use lavender oil and its tea for your healthy schedule.
  • A good choice for the rock garden. Because they can bear drought with less need, have water along with complete coverage of the hot shiny sun.
  • It loves to grow with a combination of other shrubs and fancy attractive grasses.
  • Flowers that grow on rocks will make your landscape more attractive with less effort.

Irish Moss

  • When we talk about the best rock garden plants, Irish Moss will come to our mind.
  • This lush green grass has a property to cover your rock gardens beautifully.
  • To keep it green, you need to provide proper watering; otherwise, it turns brown.
  • You can plant this grass at path edges of rock gardens, down footfall, and less lawn area.
  • In rock garden perennials, this green grass takes total sun exposure with less/partial shade.
  • It will widely spread along with white color flowers in chalky, sandy soil.

Ajuga Black Scallop

  • Indeed, one of the best plants in shady rock garden ideas. Some other dark plants are like Aquilegia, Tiarella, Cyclamen, and hardy ferns.
  • Ajuga spread widely with its dark, lush green colored leaves, looks so shiny and attractive.
  • Ultimately burgundy foliage is an attractive property of this black scallop.
  • It is a Perennial and a must-have plant in the list of Plants for rock gardens.
  • Ajuga likes full sunlight, but essential to realize that it can grow in the full shade also.
  • In fact, drain soil and the average humidity are must for its growth.

Rock Garden Mugo Pine

  • Of course, these are essential shrubs for rock gardens.
  • The multi-stemmed but mounded form of this evergreen shrub comes with a good texture.
  • Does not need to take care of it so much because of more minor maintenance requirements with full sunlight.
  • The slow-growing behavior of this plant makes it the best foundation pine shrub in rock plants.
  • Best growth in winter and wants deep watering in a week only two times.
  • Rock gardens with plants including grass, shrub, and flowers that grows on rocks. These are the primary source of plant categories that will change your yard’s look.

Hens and Chicks

  • In rock garden flowers, you will definitely add Hens and Chicks due to their attractive appearance.
  • It grows any crack between two rocks without any visible soil. It comes in plants that grow on rocks and stones quickly.
  • This plant can cultivate, on average drained soil with full sunlight.
  • These plants for rock gardens can enhance the scenery if they are pressing in stone walls and paving stones undoubtedly.
  • This succulent comes with a cluster of rosette leaves. It can cover 2 feet area of plants for rock gardens.

Purple Fountain Grass

  • If you want to make a combination of plants for rock gardens, therefore, you need this plant must-have.
  • When we talk about shady rock garden ideas, you absolutely consider this grass with burgundy leaves and arching stems.
  • Rock gardens with plants that catch the attention of people contain this ornamental fountain grass too.
  • This grass creates its magic when it consumes medium moisture and full heat from the sun.
  • You will love to see it in your rock garden with long but thin leaves. It is coupled with a plum of bottle brush on its crown.


  • It loves to grow in dappled-shade position with hot conditions.
  • Soil that needs for it is rich organic, well-drained easy to grow with self-sow behavior.
  • Extensive verities in different colors of this plant create the attraction of birds that look so charming.
  •  Borders of your rocky garden can present a more dramatic view with placing this plant on it.
  • Early summer or late spring allows you to plant columbine in your garden.

Red Creeping Thyme

  • Red creeping thyme is ideal in plants for rock beds. Cover your ground with this lush red thyme.
  • For its best establishment and spreading conditions on the rock gardens, it needs a maximum of one year.
  • A significant benefit of this plant is a mosquito-repelling function by crushing the leaves.
  • It releases volatile oils that you can put on your skin by rubbing these leaves.
  • Show its best growth in full sun and attracting bees and butterflies with blooming flower beds on rocks.
  • Spread very effective fragrances from pink blooms and enhance the beauty of plants for rock gardens.

Cranesbill Geranium

  • You will love to see the cultivation of these plants on cool summer nights.
  • Their blooming time is summer, fall, and spring. Love to grow in soil that drains completely with medium moisture.
  • Magenta flowering of this neighboring plant on rock wall flowers keeps you mesmerized.
  • It needs a bit more care after blooming. For this reason, trim the plant a few inches up to the land.
  • A long beautiful blooming addition to rock gardens with outstanding appearance.

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