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Do you find garden sweeping a daunting and energy-consuming task? Is it boring and difficult to collect the leaves and the fallen fruits from the gardens? Yeah! That’s so true. It is quite a boring duty to clean the garden, especially in Autumn when leaves kept falling. 

So, we are introducing the best lawn sweeper to you that can be used in a professional way to sweep the gardens. Moreover, the lawn sweeper will help you in sweeping your garden quickly and efficiently. 

Likewise, the best yard sweeper must be able to remove all kinds of debris from the garden, including leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and dirt. In addition to this, lawn sweeper reviews described the best alternative to manual sweeping that takes hours. 

Different types of yard sweepers are available, like tow behind or push forward. The best tow behind lawn sweeper works by attaching it with a machine, like a tractor, and it is used for cleaning large landscapes. 

While the push forward sweeper is employed for sweeping at homes and small gardens. So, the best lawn sweepers are the demand of an hour where there is no time for household chores, and everyone is busy in office work. Therefore, you can save your time and effort with the lawn sweepers. 

Five Best Lawn Sweepers

Here, the five best lawn sweepers are compared with their key features and pros and cons. This comparison will help you in choosing the best leaf sweeper to clean dirt from your garden. 

In addition to this, a buyer’s guide is also given in this article that shows noticeable features that must be present in any yard sweeper. Moreover, you will read some best leaf sweepers and grass sweepers in comparison. 

Best Lawn SweeperRatingCheck Price
Brinly STS-42BHDK Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper★ ★ ★ ★
Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper ★ ★ ★ ★
3. Yard Tuff YTF-42STQA Quick Assembly Lawn Sweeper ★ ★ ★ ★
Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper★ ★ ★ ★
Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper★ ★ ★ ★

1. Brinly STS-42BHDK Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

Long Lasting Tines

Key Features

Dimensions 69X53X38 inches

Weight 94.8 pounds

Cutting 42 inches width

Material Alloy steel

Color Black

Bag capacity 20 Cu. Ft.

The Brinly Lawn Sweeper sweeps the lawn efficiently and quickly and is a great tool better than manual handling. Moreover, it has various uses, like it can be used as a dethatcher that helps eliminate thatch from the lawn.

In addition to this, it can pick the trash or fallen leaves from the garden very quickly because of its fantastic brush design. Likewise, it contains almost 24 tines that are resistant to rust and looks like a comb. Further, its storage is easy and made by the USA company.

Important features

Long-lasting tines: The tines are steel combs present on the yard sweeper that play a crucial role in cleaning the garden. Moreover, these tiles are resistant to rusting and stays for long. Similarly, two rows of these tines are present on the sweeper. 

Likewise, each row contains 12 tines, and collectively 24 tines are present on it. A large number of tines help in the efficient extraction of thetches from the garden. 

Dual- functions: Additionally, these lawn sweepers have multiple uses that involve converting into transport mode where the tines are raised. The tines can be adjusted to the locked form where the tines are facing the backside. 

Moreover, when you want to remove leaves from the ground only, you can use leaf sweepers. But this Brinly Sweeper can be used for eliminating leaves if its dethatcher is locked. 

Easy storage: It’s not a strenuous and weary task to store the sweeper because it is foldable. Likewise, you can easily fold the sweeper in an appropriate form so that it will consume minimal space to be stored. 

Further, this is the best lawn sweeper that is time-effective and helps sweep in half the time as done by manual cleaning. In the same way, its 2-in-1 characteristic involves sweeping and dethatching go side by side. 

Similarly, it is faster in eliminating the trash because of its 5:1 ratio of brush and the ground. Moreover, it is less emptying and can efficiently remove trash like needles, leaves, and dirt.


  • Assembling is relatively easy.
  • Sturdy
  • Convenient storage
  • Good capacity of a hamper
  • Durable hamper
  • 6X-sweeping brush


  • No proper instructions to assemble.
  • Bolts are not perfectly fixed.

2. Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

Dynamic Debris Elimination

Key Features

Dimensions 78X55X52 inches

Weight 92 pounds

Cutting 44 inches width

Bag capacity 25 Cu. Ft.

The Agri-Fab sweeper is the lawn sweeper that can clean the dirt and clippings of grass from the garden very efficiently. Moreover, it is the best alternative for replacing manual cleaning. Likewise, it contains semi-pneumatic wheels that are cost-effective. 

In addition to this, two tires and four brushes help smooth transport all the trash into the bag. Likewise, the hopper bag has an excellent capacity to carry maximum trash in it. Further, there is a handle that functions in dumping the trash. Similarly, the sweeper is foldable and can be stored easily. 

Important Features

Dynamic Debris Elimination: It can remove all kinds of waste material, including nails, grass clippings, leaves, and dirt. Moreover, it is such a hectic task to clean the garden during the spring season, and every gardener finds it too complicated. Accordingly, the Agri-Fab sweeper provides you with faster and effective cleaning within no time.

Likewise, its design is so elegant that it cuts the overgrown grass and sweeps the cuttings simultaneously. Additionally, the brush is so adjustable that you can easily manage its height according to the requirement.  

Foldable Sweeper: Moreover, the sweeper has a fantastic design that is 44 inches in size. But, its size can be reduced to almost 70%, which manages the space very well. So, it is easy to store the Agri-Fab sweeper because of its collapsing structure, which will minimize the size of the sweeper up to 30%.

In addition to this, there are four brushes that ensure effective sweeping. Further, this product is manufactured in the USA. The company offers a warranty of three years, which is the most astonishing thing.  

Ideal for all seasons: The Agri-Fab leaf sweeper is ideal for use in every season. In the same way, it is perfect to use in spring seasons when new leaflets are emerging and inhibit mold growth by cleaning the trash. 

In addition to this, maintenance of this sweeper’s parts, including handle, hopper, and levers, is essential in winters. Accordingly, you can use those parts for the removal of wastes after assembly. 


  • Uncomplicated dumping of waste.
  • Extraordinary hamper capacity.
  • Better storage.
  • Low maintenance is required.
  • Convenient adjustment of the height of the brush.


  • Poor quality fabric.
  • Not perfect for thick lawn.

3. Yard Tuff YTF-42STQA Quick Assembly Lawn Sweeper 

Versatile & Convenient

Key Features

Dimensions 51X11X17 inches

Weight 77 pounds

Sweeper size 42 inches

Bag capacity 13 Cu. Ft.

The YTF Lawn Sweeper is the yard sweeper that you can use for wiping off the dirt and debris from the lawns. Moreover, it is lighter in weight as compared to the above two; Agri-Fab and Brinly. Likewise, there is a fine coating of powder on the brush. 

The distinguishing features of this leaf sweeper include easy assembly and less weight. Additionally, its universal style of the pin in the hitch helps in the more effortless towing of this grass sweeper with a tractor for cutting and sweeping the grown grass. Likewise, its assembly requires three quick steps without any exhaustion. 

Important features

Versatile & Convenient Brush: The brush of this sweeper is very convenient because of its more effortless adjustment. Moreover, this convenience is due to the anti-slip feature. Likewise, it has fantastic versatility and contains four brushes in a single sweeper.

In addition to this, the width of the sweeper is 42 inches. While the diameter of each brush that is present in a set of four is 10 inches. Likewise, you can enjoy sweeping by adjusting the brush height according to convenience.  

Durable Sweeper & Bag: Further, the bag behind the sweeper is durable and remains in working condition for a longer time. Additionally, it looks like a meshy bag and can collect a lot of waste, or about 13 cubic feet. Moreover, its dumping is not a difficult process, and you can easily throw it from the right side of your seat.

Similarly, the sweeper is more long-lasting and made up of steel. Likewise, it has poly-tires to support and contains a lever for adjusting the height of this sweeper.  

Rapid Assembly & Compact Structure: It is quick and straightforward to assemble because of its foldable structure. Moreover, it is easy to store at any place due to its compact size. Likewise, it is a perfect tool for cleaning the lawns and mowing the grass.

Moreover, it is efficient in picking all types of debris from the ground, including grass cuttings or needles. Similarly, this sweeper has a warranty of one year by the company so that you can claim your product anytime within a year.  

Universal hitch: The hitch present with this sweeper is universal and looks like a pin that can be used for attaching this sweeper to any tractor or ATV. Moreover, the levelling spacers are also present there. 


  • Extraordinary performance
  • Lightweight
  • Easier assembly
  • Adjustable height
  • Compact size
  • Foldable


  • An instruction manual is not good
  • Wheels may lock up.

4. Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper

Replaceable Bag

Key Features

Dimensions 52.5X31X33 inches

Weight 25 pounds

Sweeper size 26 inches

Material Poly, Plastic

Colour Black

Bag capacity 7 Cu. Ft.

The Agri-Fab 45-0218 is a push sweeper that needs to be pushed by the user. Accordingly, it moves in a forward direction when pushed from a backside. Likewise, it reduces man-made efforts for cleaning the garden after spending much part of their day.

Additionally, the wheels of this best lawn sweeper are of plastic and available in black colour. Furthermore, its operation is manual, not be a lawn tractor.

Moreover, it needs some maintenance and care to use for a long time. Similarly, the hopper bag is collapsible and can collect a maximum of 7 cubic feet of debris in it.    

Important Features

Replaceable Bag: The hopper bag of heavy duty lawn sweeper is replaceable, and it can be easily removed from the sweeper. You can pull the rope attached to the bag to remove all the waste material from it. Otherwise, you can turn over the bag manually to dispose off the waste. 

Likewise, the bag’s capacity is only 7 cubic feet less than other mentioned extraordinary sweepers, but its advantage is that you can replace it. Similarly, the material used for the bag is vinyl that has excellent durability. 

Adjustable and lightweight: In addition to this, this sweeper is included in the category of best lawn sweeper because of its lightweight, which is almost 25 pounds. This weight is lesser than all the lawn sweepers mentioned in this article. 

Moreover, it is adjustable like other sweepers according to the height of the area. Therefore, you can manipulate its height according to convenience. In addition to this, you can pick every type of waste with this sweeper, including pines wastes, dried flowers, and grass clippings. 

Durable Sweeper: Further, it is durable, but it will last longer if you have taken care of it appropriately. The wheels and bolts must be removed after every clean-up for cleaning purposes. They must be washed and dried correctly to be used the next time. Moreover, it has four brushes to sweep the ground quickly.

Additionally, it is best to sweep only dried wastes like leaves that have fallen off in fall seasons. But, in case if the leaves are wet due to rain or some other reason, don’t use this sweeper on the ground. It may not work efficiently for the wet leaves.  


  • Not good for leaves only, but twigs & acorns also.
  • Easier and faster assembly.
  • Good size of a bag
  • Manual adjustments of sweeper height can be done.
  • Excellent mower
  • Can be used for mowing artificial grass
  • Easier installation


  • Flexible assembly
  • Plastic hooks for bag

5. Agri-Fab 45-0320 42-Inch Tow Lawn Sweeper

Easier Trash Dumping

Key Features

Dimensions 50.75X22X15 inches

Weight 67.9 pounds

Sweeper size 42 inches

Colour Black

Bag capacity 12 Cu. Ft.

The Agri-Fab Tow Sweeper helps the sweepers in quick and more straightforward sweeping with 42 inches sweeping width. Moreover, you can employ heavy duty lawn sweepers for professionally cleaning the lawns or gardens. 

Likewise, it has the ability to eliminate all types of debris, from needles to soft flowers that are fallen off the ground. Additionally, the bag used for storing the collected waste has a capacity to hold almost 12 cubic feet. 

Further, the brushes can be easily adjusted according to the required height and convenience. In the same way, the disposal of debris is easy even by sitting on the tractor. In addition to this, it offers a warranty of three years. 

Important Features

Easier trash dumping: The disposal of the trash present in the hopper bag is convenient, and you can throw it from the seat. Additionally, you have to pull the rope that has an attachment to the bag. Accordingly, all the waste will remove from the bag. 

Some hoppers have rope for pulling the catcher for disposal purposes in a large lawn sweeperLikewise, a steel rod is also present in a few advanced lawn sweeper Menards which can be pulled easily for disposal purposes. 

Quick Assembly: The manual explains the assembly of all the parts of this grass sweeper for instructing the new users. Moreover, you have to follow the manual in a sequence, and you will get it done in few minutes. 

Likewise, this leaf collecting lawn sweeper will clean your lawn within minutes of struggle. In the same way, it does not differentiate the types of debris and takes all the debris without distinguishing it. 

Good hopper size: Further, the size best pull behind lawn sweeper of hopper or we can say that the capacity to collect the waste material from the ground is 12 cubic feet. It can hold a lot of waste with a more straightforward disposal by simply stretching the rope forward. 

After pulling the rope, you can remove all the debris from the hopper bag, use it further for the next cleaning. 


  • Faster sweeping
  • Maximal capacity to hold debris.
  • Durable, but needs care
  • Extraordinary and faster cleaning
  • Good for pine needles also.
  • Best lawn sweeper 


  • Metallic parts are not painted well.
  • The quality of bag is not good.

Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we are going to discuss some important features that must be considered when buying a lawn sweeper. Moreover, this Buyer’s guide will help all the new users choose the best lawn sweeper among hundreds of sweepers available on amazon. 

Moreover, the prominent features that should be noticed include: 

Cost-effectiveness & Warranty

The primary concern of any buyer is to search out a cost-effective product. But, it does not mean that they want to compromise on the quality. Similarly, the rates must be affordable so that everyone can access the product quickly. Further, the maximum warranty of the product helps in building the confidence of the Buyer.  

Adjustable Height & Compact Size

The secondary feature includes the adjustment of brush height according to convenience. If the sweeper is stiff and cannot be adjusted by moving the levers, it will not be assumed as the best lawn sweeper.

Likewise, all the sweepers mentioned in this article can be adjusted easily by leveling them up from the ground. So, you can easily do your task accordingly. Similarly, the sweeper must be foldable to reduce its size for easy storage.  

Maximum Sweeping Width

Moreover, the width of sweeping by brushes is also an essential factor that while purchasing a sweeper. If the width is lesser, you have to take many rounds in the ground to clean it properly.

In contrast, if the width of the brush is good and it covers a maximum area, you have to suffer a little less, and you can do the cleaning more quickly. It will reduce the number of rounds that you have to take off the ground while sweeping.  

Excellent Hopper Capacity & Material

The capacity of a bag to hold the debris matters a lot. If a bag stores less debris, you have to empty the bag after every minute, which is weary and hectic. In contrast, if the size of the catcher bag is appropriate and works for a longer time, then the disposal time will reduce.

Moreover, the material of the best lawn sweeper bag should be durable and resistant to weather extremes. Because there are many chances that a load may tear if the cloth is strong enough, it will stay longer. In addition to this, the resistance of the material to water and sunlight enhances its longevity.  

Convenient disposal of debris

Furthermore, the debris or waste material that includes the mowed grass, dried leaves, rotten fruits, and needles should be easier to dispose off. Most of the hopper bags have ropes or steel handles for pulling.

Likewise, they are pulled in the forward direction for the removal of debris. So, there is no need to turn back, and you can easily throw the waste from the bag.  


Which sweeper is the better walk behind sweeper?

The Agri-Fab 45-0320 is the best walk-behind sweeper. It is 42 inches in size and has 12 cu. Ft capacity of holding the debris in hopper bag. Likewise, it is a durable and extraordinary sweeper.  

Is it possible to use the sweeper after dethatching on the ground?

Yes. You can use the sweeper more accurately; pull-behind that is attachable to a small lawn tractor for pulling the sweeper. It can be used for cleaning in large areas or grounds for quick results.  


In this article on the best lawn sweeper, we have discussed five lawn sweepers. Moreover, we have studied the distinguishing features of the yard sweepers that are considerable. Likewise, you can choose the pull or push sweepers according to your convenience. 

The Agri-Fab sweepers are used for professional mowing and sweeping of the garden or lawns. They can be preferred over all the other lawn sweepers in terms of their benefits, including height adjustments, lightweight, and compact sizes. Further, it has extraordinary looks and functioning as well. 

Last, Brinly is the top product in the category of best sweepers because of easier assembly. Moreover, you can store it easily at any place inside the house due to its compact size. 

In addition to this, its hamper is durable and has a tremendous capacity for holding waste. In the same way, the brush has 6X capacity with a sweeping width of 42 inches. While the capacity of a bag of Agri-Fab 45-0492 is fantastic. 

Likewise, the best lawn sweeper is the one that can minimize the manual efforts of the sweeper in cleaning the garden faster. Additionally, it takes hours to clean the ground and remove all the debris from it. So, these sweepers have resolved the issues of labour work.  

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