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A house requires lots of responsibilities to maintain. And, the main thing to look after in a house is lawn care which is time-taking and costly. To look after your garden, you need to plant and mow your grass, apply fertilizer and sow new seeds (Best artificial grass).

So, there is an excellent substitute for all these time-consuming efforts, which is the best fake grass . You can say it is synthetic grass that is normally available in the form of rugs and large mats. Moreover, it looks exactly like the real lush green grass and doesn’t require much care.

Best Artificial Grass

Simply spread these grass tiles or carpets all over your lawn, and that’s it. Consequently, your previously yellow garden will look like a beautiful, thick, and lush green one. Of course, artificial grass mats will help you a lot to embellish your house. However, all fake grass carpets are different as well. That’s why; here we itemized the top 10 fake grass products available on the market.

Top 10 Best Artificial Grass Products

Just have a look at all these select products before purchasing one of them for your home. In this article, you can see our buying guide also. It would help if you considered some important aspects about these grass carpets that will help you select the finest product.

Best Artificial Grass with Complete buyer's Guide & Review RatingCheck Price
GL Artificial Grass Turf Lawn - 7FTX15FT Indoor Outdoor Synthetic Grass Mat★ ★ ★ ★
XLX TURF Fake Grass Tiles Self-draining, Mat Flooring Pad for Pets, Good for Indoor & Outdoor★ ★ ★ ★
Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass Synthetic Dense Lawn Turf Carpet★ ★ ★ ★
Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf 6 FTX for Backyard, Patio & Balcony, Rubber Backing, Indoor-Outdoor Rug Carpet★ ★ ★ ★
LITA Premium Artificial Grass | Eco-friendly and Elegant Greenish Grass★ ★ ★ ★
Petgrow Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf with Drainage Holes and Rubber Backing★ ★ ★ ★

MTBRO Artificial Grass, Realistic Fake Grass for Outdoor★ ★ ★ ★
Fas Home Artificial Grass Turf 4FTX6FT for Garden, Balcony, Patio & Backyard★ ★ ★ ★
SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs, AstroTurf-Rug, Fake Turfs for Patios – Non-Toxic★ ★ ★ ★
Artificial Grass Thick Turf, Multi-Purpose Fake Pet Grass, Synthetic Lawn Carpet for Patio and Garden★ ★ ★ ★

1.GL Artificial Grass Turf Lawn – 7FTX15FT Indoor Outdoor Synthetic Grass Mat

7FTX15FT Indoor Outdoor Synthetic Grass Mat
Indoor & Outdoor synthetic Grass Mat

The GL artificial grass is a synthetic grass of green color, made with polyethylene material. Moreover, it has superior, durable, and stunning quality. This attractive deep green color grass is UV-resistant and requires no watering or mowing.

Classy Synthetic Grass: This fake grass gives a natural effect to the viewers and is far better than the real one because of its unique features. It appears like a dark green color that is aesthetically awesome.

Further, this is the best fake grass mat of 0.4 inches long threads. In the same way, this grass has numerous applications, like you can put the grass mat in your lawns, playgrounds, and near the swimming pools.

High-Density and Durability: Its density is 63000 tufts per square meter that are awesome. Moreover, it ensures its durability and will not lose its dense green color. Its color will not fade and will remain elegant for almost ten years. Additionally, it has a porous surface that will not allow water to remain there and quickly drains out from this mat.

Excellent for Indoors and Outdoors: Likewise, you can place it indoors or outdoors without worrying about weather extremes like rain or UV rays. It contains small holes for drainage purposes and is available in a rectangular shape. Further, it can be attached to the ground by using tapes or landscape staplers. Moreover, your pets, like dogs, can play freely on the grassy ground without disturbing the beauty and grace of the grass.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Waterproof
  • Dust-free


  • Not good at draining water


2.XLX TURF Fake Grass Tiles Self-draining, Mat Flooring Pad for Pets, Good for Indoor & Outdoor

XLX TURF Fake Grass Tiles Self-draining
Mat Flooring Pad for Pets

XLX Turf tile is the best artificial grass product that is eco-friendly for your pets & kids. Moreover, they look just like the real grass and help decorate your patio, balcony & yard.

Easy to InstallThese fake grass tiles are very easy to install, and also you can remove them effortlessly whenever you want. Additionally, this product is very suitable to use as picnic mats, rugs & placemats also.

The good thing about these grass mats is that you can reuse them anytime as they don’t require any tools or adhesive. Also, use them to decorate your house no matter to place them indoors or outdoors.

Quick and Easy to Clean: Also, you can clean this excellent product easily with a broom. All the dust and other rubbish, including pieces of paper and leaves, are removed easily. On the other hand, if your pet passes pee or feces, you can wash them with water directly.

However, make sure to put them away from the fire because fire can destroy anything. So, your fake grass tiles can destroy with fire, although they don’t burn easily. This artificial grass makes your place look like a lush green lawn as if it is real grass.

Soft & Comfortable: These XLX grass tiles are comfortable & soft for your pets and kids. So, they love to play on these floor grass tiles, feeling it like real grass. Besides, they have a synthetic material that is non-slip & wear-resistant.

They comprise lots of drainage holes at the bottom that let the water dry without any problem. Also, the base of the grass mat consists of durable plastic that is easy to assemble and unbreakable.


  • Non-toxic & safe
  • Fire resistant       
  • Easy to clean
  • Pets and kids friendly


  • The grass might come out easily

3. Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass Synthetic Dense Lawn Turf Carpet

Realistic Deluxe Artificial Grass Synthetic Dense Lawn Turf Carpet
Non-Toxic & Safe

Realistic Deluxe Artificial grass carpet has great quality synthetic texture. It is a great-density fake grass that will decorate your house to look like a lush green lawn.

Non-Toxic & Safe: This grass carpet is ideal for placing on both indoors and outdoors. The product is extremely safe & non-toxic for your kids and pets. Moreover, its texture is safe and feels like real grass. So, your dogs or other pets will love and enjoy playing on them.

While using this excellent grass product, you don’t need to worry about watering, mowing, or spraying any fertilizers on it. Simply enjoy the feel of real grass with your family, pets, and friends.

Easy Installation: It is very easy to install this grass carpet. Just mark the area and dig it out, and then lay out a base. Now, simply roll out the Realistic Deluxe grass carpet and interlock the material.

Reasonable Price: This great quality artificial grass carpet has a reasonable price with ten years warranty, including one monthly return policy. So, what else do you want with such an amazing product? We suggest trying it out once at least, as it will enhance the beauty of your house, yard, patio & balcony, etc.


  • It feels soft on the feet
  • Excellent product with a reasonable price
  • It looks like a real grass
  • Durable material


  • Not any

4.Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf 6 FTX for Backyard, Patio & Balcony, Rubber Backing, Indoor-Outdoor Rug Carpet

Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf 6 FTX 10FT for Garden Fence
Best Environment Resistant

While searching for the best fake grass for your home, the finest option is Synthetic artificial grass turf 6 FTX. This turfgrass has four color tones and looks similar to real grass. Moreover, it consists of some shades of green & some shades of brown.

Environment Resistant: Aside from these qualities, it is the most environment-resistant product. Also, this grass carpet keeps the excessive warmth away & you won’t see it fading in the sun. Consequently, it is an ideal option if your children run around barefooted and your pets love to play.

Place this fake grass carpet in your home, and there isn’t any need for watering, mowing, or sprinkling fertilizers.

Available in Different Sizes: As the product comes in different lengths & width sizes, you can get it according to your yard size. Furthermore, this artificial grass has a great-density texture. So, it feels fluffy, soft, and just like the natural grass. You can use this fake grass carpet at your balcony, patio, stairs, and backyard and embellish your parties also.

Easy to Wash: The product has the feel of natural grass. So, its blades are about 0.4 inches in length. Moreover, there are lots of drainage holes on the back of the rug. So, if you wash them directly with water, it dries quickly.

You can place this grass mat to decorate your indoors or outdoors. Also, use it to decorate your party, Christmas, or wedding events. 


  • Good quality PoAvailable in four colour tones
  • Soft texture and looks like natural grass
  • It doesn’t fade and keeps the heat away
  • Extremely durable material      


  • The drainage process is slow

5.LITA Premium Artificial Grass | Eco-friendly and Elegant Greenish Grass

LITA Premium Artificial Grass
Best Water Absorbent

LITA artificial grass is an elegant, greenish, durable mat of synthetic green grass. Moreover, it has a rectangular shape and weighs one pound. It’s a cinch to install indoors and outdoors by maneuvering. Likewise, LITA is the best fake grass that is resistant to weather extremes and UV light.

Eco-friendly: The synthetic grass made up of polyethylene is not only user-friendly but eco-friendly also. Moreover, it does not need any fertilizer for its nourishment. Likewise, it saves your money in a way that there is no need to water and mow the grass.

In the same way, you can add glamour to your lawn, balcony, or swimming pool by adjusting this synthetic mat.

Durable and Dense: It is more durable and highly dense grass on a latex mat. Its color will not fade and remain refreshing green for ten years and ensure its imperishable softness. Likewise, it does not provide a threat to the environment due to the use of toxic materials like lead or zinc.

Water Absorbent: The latex mat contains numerous drainage pores that will not make it soggy and quickly drain water from the grass. Moreover, it is resistant to fire, and you can clean it very easily. In addition to this, your pets and children can play safely on this grassy ground.


  • Thick and elegant grass fibers
  • Resistant to UV light
  • High-quality grass
  • Non-toxic


  • Average quality grass mat

6.Petgrow Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf with Drainage Holes and Rubber Backing

Petgrow Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf
Easy to Wash & Clean

Petgrow synthetic artificial grass carpet is another best option for your home decor. It has a wide range of grass options for your garden, sports ground, golf & pet turf. This fake grass can resist sunlight and rain without creating any damage.

Best for Indoors and Outdoors: This synthetic grass mat offers years-round lush green grass enjoyment. Moreover, it is an ideal option to decorate your indoor and outdoor areas. The grass mat provides the feel of the natural grass, so it looks like real grass.

Aside from that, there are no worries about watering this artificial grass and no need for mowing.

 Safe for Kids & Pets: The grass blades are about 0.4 inches in length and are extremely safe and secure for your pets & children. Moreover, it is available at a reasonable price. So, if your pets or kids love to enjoy playing on grass, these fake carpet grass mats are the best solution for them.

As the grass looks like natural grass, enjoy the feel of real grass while sitting on it with your family, friends and kids.

Easy to Wash & Clean

Petgrow fake grass mat consists of great quality polypropylene materials. Besides, it contains lots of drainage holes on the backside of the mat. And, the back of the grass carpet comprises rubber that is very easy to wash and clean. You can dry it easily when it becomes wet.

So, use this excellent product to embellish your patio, balcony, backyard and other exterior & interior. Moreover, you can use this grass mat for the events of Christmas, weddings and party decorations also.


  • The best option for indoors & outdoors
  • Budget-friendly
  • Safe for your kids and pets
  • Easy to wash and dry


  • It gets messy while you cut it

  • 7.MTBRO Artificial Grass, Realistic Fake Grass for Outdoor
  • Easy Washable

    MTBRO artificial grass is the best solution for your pet’s potty & pee. It is a washable pet’s potty outdoor mat that is extra cost-effective also. So, your pets feel relaxed sitting and playing on it.

    Easily Washable: This grass pee mat has a durable rubber backing, including drainage holes that let the water clear easily. Moreover, the grass mat is washable easily in the machine, and it dries away quickly also. So, make sure to wash it with soap, and an enzyme cleaner will remove the smell of potty & pee.

    This artificial grass mat has a realistic & natural appearance that looks beautiful. Additionally, your kids and pets love to play on its soft and comfortable material.

    Easy to Cut: You can easily cut this grass mat in any shape or size according to your requirement. Consequently, you can join together these pieces to install them anywhere.

    Blow off the extra grass fibers with a leaf blower once you cut the mat according to your required size. It is the best solution for potty training of your pet.

    Fluffy Blades: The product comes packed in a roll. While you open the roll, the blades will become fluffy. It is a good idea to put the grass carpet under the sun for some hours.

    You can install it in your yard, deck, terrace, garden, balcony & patio etc.


    • The best solution for your pet potty training
    • Soft and comfortable
    • It looks like natural grass
    • Pets and kids friendly


    • Cut edges of the mat are dangerous for the pets

    8.Fas Home Artificial Grass Turf 4FTX6FT for Garden, Balcony, Patio & Backyard

    Easy to Install

    Fas Home artificial grass has a texture of natural grass and has greenish colour and appearance. Moreover, it doesn’t fade its colour in sunlight due to its superior durability.

    Great Quality Material: This false grass carpet consists of great quality synthetic material such as excellent polyethylene & poly polypropylene yarn.

    Also, the grass mat doesn’t require any maintenance like mowing, watering or fertilization. So, just enjoy the pleasure with your friends, family & pets. No need to worry about the damaging or fading out of the product.

    Four Tone Pattern: Fas Home artificial grass mat comprises four tone patterns that are beautiful and soft to touch. This amazing product looks just like the real grass and offers you year-round lawn delight. Furthermore, it is an ideal choice to decorate your indoor & outdoor areas.

    This amazing product is one of the best fake grass products at a reasonable price. Besides, the product comes with one monthly return policy also. 

    Easy to Install: Its installation is very simple and easy. Just mark the area where you want to place the grass mat. Now, dig out this marked area to layout the base. Open the roll of the grass carpet & secure the grass if required.

    The multiple-layer backing with lots of drainage holes makes it easy to wash & dry quickly. Additionally, you can clean it directly with a broom or wash it with water every day.


    • The best choice for indoors & outdoors
    • Easy installation
    • No maintenance required
    • Easy to clean, wash & dry


    • An annoying chemical smell comes from the mat
    Drainage Holes

    SavvyGrow artificial grass has an appearance of natural grass that remains the same after a long time of usage. Moreover, it consists of four lifelike tones & the blades keep standing all the time upward.

    Fresh & Bright Colors: This best artificial grass carpet has beautiful, bright & fresh colours that are fade-resistant and remain the same for a long. Also, the product is UV, corrosion & fire-resistant. Consequently, it can endure all weather situations such as sun, snow & rain.

    Low Maintenance Required: You don’t need to worry about its too much maintenance since it doesn’t require much care. Truly, it is easy to wash, clean & dry. So, use this fake grass mat to decorate your balcony, patio, yard, landscape & different events.

    While installing this grass mat in your house, don’t worry about trimming or mowing the grass. On the other hand, it remains like the natural grass for longer periods.

    Drainage Holes: Furthermore, the grass mat contains draining holes on its backside. These holes help wash all kinds of dirt, rubbish and other debris comprising pet pee & potty. Also, its backside comprises a rubber material that is non-slip and makes it easy to place on your lawn. You don’t need any tools to install it; just cut the mat according to the size you need.


    • It looks like natural grass
    • Easy installation
    • UV & fire-resistant       
    • Easily washable


    • It becomes hot in sunlight

    10.Artificial Grass Thick Turf, Multi-Purpose Fake Pet Grass, Synthetic Lawn Carpet for Patio and Garden

    Multi Functional Turf

    This Astroturf thick grass turf feels like the real grass being soft and comfortable. It consists of faux grass that is very soft and natural. You can place it in every portion of your house since it is the best fake grass.  

    Environment Friendly: This fantastic artificial carpet is environmentally friendly. You can use it to play with your child or give comfort to your pet at home. Moreover, long soft grass blades make them more eco-friendly.

    This lush green artificial grass contains a height of 1.38″ that is similar to common natural grass. However, this natural-looking grass comes in 4 tone grass colour.

    Multi-Functional Turf: You can use this carpet for multiple purposes, such as indoor or outdoor, party decorations, and wedding events. You can put it in the balcony area or on the swimming poolside.

    Furthermore, this grass can enhance your creative sense. You can lay on it for relaxation or can play with your children. Of course, it will make a strong connection with your loved ones.

    Easy to adjust: It has a perfect size and shape, and you can adjust it according to your needs. Besides, it has an ideal length and width. So, you can place it in your indoors and outdoors according to the dimension of your area.

    Drainage holes are available at the backside of this rug to drain water and make it dry also. Moreover, this 14.92-pound weight grass carpet is easy to install anywhere at your home.


    • Easy to wash
    • Grass blades don’t tend to fall
    • Durable in use
    • Looks like real grass


    • Water drainage isn’t up to the mark 

    Buying Guide

    So far, as you have read about the top ten best artificial grass products, now you can make a knowledgeable decision. You can get several benefits while using fake grass if you get the right product.

    So, we are here to help you pick the correct fake grass option for you. This buying guide will discover the most vital aspects that you must consider before purchasing one.

    Material and Texture: Mostly the fake grass products comprise synthetic materials just like plastic. While purchasing an artificial grass carpet, you need to make sure that it looks and feels. The material should be soft and comfortable that your kids and pets love to play on it.

    Moreover, you should find pet-friendly, UV & fire-resistant material also if you have pets at your home.

    Appearance: Next comes another vital thing to consider, and that is its appearance. For example, you should check how thick the blades are and how many colour tones it has? Also, do the blades look like natural grass?

    Truly, the natural grass has a lush green appearance. So, if you buy artificial grass, you must want to get that natural appearance. That’s why; try to find a product that looks like natural grass.

    Size: Additionally, you must consider the size of your fake grass according to your area requirement. In the products mentioned above, there are preferences that you can cut according to your area. If you want to get fake grass for your whole garden, then you will need the grass carpets that come in larger sizes. 

    However, just go for small grass tiles if you want them to decorate your small patio, balcony, or around your swimming pool area.

    Pile Height: One of the most crucial features of fake grass is the height of the pile. Indeed, the higher the grass, the greater its quality; it also looks extra natural as you know that something that looks tiny normally appears more fake. On the other hand, it is difficult to find a pile height of more than two inches since it will also look unnatural.

    Ease of Usage: One of the best things about fake grass is that it is easy to clean and maintain. So, you must go for the product that you maintain easily. We suggest getting the grass carpets to have synthetic plastic materials with drainage holes. You can wash these materials if they are full of all kinds of rubbish. 

    Aside from that, make sure to check the backside of the product. A rubber backing is non-slip, which is a good aspect of the product, particularly for your kids’ safety.

    Weight: Weight is important if you have to take your fake grass carpet to different places in your house. However, while installing it in your yard, weight isn’t a problem then. Consequently, it is good to get a lightweight product if you want to transport it somewhere.

    Warranty: Commonly, warranties of these products differ, and they present you with a perception of how great the quality of a carpet you’re buying is. Particular of them just offer a twelve-month limited warranty but, it’s not worth it.

    On the other hand, lots of other products have given warranties for over a decade. So, for that warranty, you can imagine your fake grass to continue for at least so long.

    Durability: The best fake grass normally tends to last for extended durations of time. Therefore, you need to confirm selecting a grass carpet that provides you with that durability. Of course, an option that comprises great-quality materials with a hard-wearing backing will continue over ten years.

    So, keep in mind that if you get a long-lasting fake grass product, it will value your money more.

    We hope you find this buying guide helpful. Also, now you can take your decision to select the best artificial grass product. Just keep in mind all these aspects as mentioned above before your shopping.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can you tell good quality artificial grass?

    To make sure if your artificial grass has good quality, just confirm particular aspects:

    It should look like natural grass rather than plastic. Moreover, its texture should feel soft & comfortable, especially for your kids and pets. Lastly, it should have drainage holes to drain water and make it dry.

    Is it worth getting artificial grass?

    Of course, good-quality fake grass is extremely durable. It can endure severe weather conditions since it is waterproof. Also, it doesn’t soak in water and won’t allow for pest invasions. It is extra strong than real grass also.

    Why artificial turf is bad?

    The only disadvantage of artificial grass is that it gets hotter than natural grass. Also, since you install it over the solid or condensed surface, fake turf is a stiffer area than grass. Consequently, it can cause the threat of damages, mainly wounds.

    Is artificial grass too hot in summer?

    Yes, in the summer season, fake grass gets hotter than real grass while maintaining greater temperature. If you install it on your patio or deck in front of direct sunlight, its temperature increases fast.

    So, it won’t provide the natural cooling sensation that you expect from real grass.

    How do I choose the best artificial grass?

    While searching for fake grass, we suggest selecting a product that consists of different tones of green colour. Lime green, dark green & olive green combined will provide an extra deluxe & real look.


    Artificial grass is the best solution if you’re tired of spending lots of money & time on your lawn maintenance. There is no need for trimming, mowing, reseeding, watering & fertilizing your grass. So, why don’t you simply buy the best fake grass and create your life comfortable?

    However, just keep in mind that all artificial grass is not the same. We suggest researching to confirm the product you select is according to your requirements and budget.

    Out of all these products mentioned above, we recommend LITA Premium Artificial Grass. It is the finest option to provide a realistic appearance to your lawn.

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